The goal of Classic Maintenance Services, its management, and employees is to ensure health & safety, and to minimize environmental impact. We complete projects by being environmentally responsible and reducing our eco footprint. CMS is committed to protecting the environment and safety in all our endeavors. To accomplish this goal, CMS complies with all applicable legislation, management systems and implements the procedures necessary to comply with all applicable legislation. Assess the potential impairment of environmental and public health resulting from our operations and seek effective reduction of identified risks.

Be responsive and sensitive to project concerns and provide needed information in a timely manner to meet these concerns. Plan for appropriate emergency response to minimize negative consequences and implement remedial measures in an efficient and effective manner. Encourage the development and use of technology to improve Company's ability to protect the environment and maintain public health and safety. In order to achieve our environmental goal, CMS will periodically review its policies, procedures and systems with the intent of constant improvement. We request your our clients cooperation and commitment to this our HSE program.

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